Eclipse over the Adriatic Sea 1241

denar Frederico II

In 1242 Kingdom of Sicily issued a new coin, whose design was different from all preceding and subsequent coins. In addition the issuer did not follow the usual reduction in fineness technique. What was the reason of the completely different sort of medal design? Probably a dramatic eclipse.

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Solar eclipse of year 1270

unger 260

One denier of Stephan V depicts an eclipse. Which eclipse could support the model for this coin's design? And can we be sure that this denier was issued by Stephen V?

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Eclipse of Treaty of Ryswick 1697

ryswick 1

The Nine Years’ War (1688–97) – often called the War of the Grand Alliance, the War of the Palatine Succession, or the War of the League of Augsburg started in 1688. By the year 1696 economic of countries involved in war fall into a crisis, and in 1697 they negotiated the Treaty of Ryswick. Numerous medals and tokens were struck in the time of treaty, one of them depict a solar eclipse. But there was not any solar eclipse visible from Europe between 1696 and 1698. Which eclipse could serve as pattern to this token.

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Liberation of Barcelona 1706

1706 eclipse

A solar eclipse and a medal makes one battle of the Spanish Succession War remarkable for the posterity. The medal is a representative example how politics used medals as propaganda devices.

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Eclipse 1963

eclipse 1963

The eclipse of 1963 crossed North America and cut to half Maine State.

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Eclipse 1991

The eclipse of 1991 crossed over Mexico and Hawaii. Both states issued commemorative medals.

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The last eclipse of the previous millennium 1999 (English)

The eclipse of 1999 passed across the most densely populated parts of Europe and perhaps the world. Never before were so much eclipse coins and medals created for such an occasion. First let us see that were struck in the English-speaking world.

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Eclipse 2006

The 2006 eclipse was observable from Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East.

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Eclipse 2009

The dragon is in action again. This time it devoured the Sun over China in 2009.

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