The world beyond the solar system was a mystery for scientists even in the beginning of 20th century. Its vastness and diversity amazes the stargazing people even today.

orionThe human imagination has arranged the stars that can be seen scattered through the sky into constellations in ancient times. Soon the constellations were brought to life, legends, myths, mythology built around them. No wonder then if they appear in numismatics also. The best-known constellations are the members of the zodiac, which the reader should hardly find in this virtual collection. This is partly because of their excessive astrology content, which popularization this page want to avoid in all possible ways. The other reason is their huge number, which may be processed only in a separate collection. The sky contains today 88 constellations, and when the 12 zodiac constellations are subtracted from them still enough will remain, that can be found on coins and medals.

crabRare events, rare medals.