Used and suggested literature


The following electronic and printed literature were used during the development of these contents.


Wikipedia the free encyclopedia extremely rich source, a link to wikipedia is inserted into any article wherever this was possible
Marshall Faintich book's homepage As it mentioned in the introduction it is a source of ancient and medieval examples of astronomy on coin
Americal Journal of Numismatics Volume XXIV-XXVI. David L. Walter's excellent and detailed work on historical comets, with their historical backgrounds, description of medals, translation of Latin texts, from the beginning of years 1890 
 Dr. Wodetzky József: Üstökösök This book that was issued in 1910 summarize the knowledge on comets of the era and gives detailed description of historical comets as well. (Hungarian).
 Vargha Domokosné : Zách János Ferenc (1754–1832) Csillagász Detailed Curriculum Vitæ of the Hungarian astronomer and great organizer, Baron Franz Xaver von Zach. (Hungarian)
Gudrun Wolfschmidt (ed.): Cultural Heritage of Astronomical Observatories

Proceedings of the International ICOMOS Symposium in Hamburg, October 14–17, 2008

Contains lectures on history of several observatories. Citations are marked by "ICOMOS", where text from this material was used.

IYA2009 Commemorative Coins by Prasanna Deshapriya  The pdf file published by the author gives a detailed list of coins and medals that was issued by the occasion of International Year of Astronomy in 2009
Historical and Commemorative Medals A great collection of Historical and Commemorative Medals by Ben Weiss. The site contains high resolution images images, descriptions and historical commentaries of over 500 medals, both European and American, dating from the 16th through the 19th centuries. Also contains other useful link for medal collectors.