Janssen-prize and Janssen medal

janssen award

The Prix Jules Janssen is the highest award of the Société astronomique de France, the French astronomical society. The Janssen Medal is an award presented by the French Academy of Sciences to those who have made advances in the area of astrophysics.

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Prix Henry Rey

henry ray

The Henry Rey medal was founded in 1922 by Henry M. Rey from Marseille.

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Zerinváry Szilárd medal


The Zerinváry medal was established in 1963, however, Zerinváry is neither depicted on the coin nor his name is mentioned.

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Konkoly Thege Miklós Award


In Slovakia an astronomical award medal was established bearing the name of Konkoly. Miklós Konkoly Thege was a wealthy Hungarian nobleman who established a private observatory at Ógyalla. He was not simply a rich landowner but an educated scientist as well.

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Donohoe medal

donohoe medal

The Donohoe medal was established to reward those who discovered a comet.

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Lorimer medal

lorimer medal

The Lorimer medal is an award of the The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh.

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St. Andrew University


St Andrew University in Scotland issued reward medals for students who came top of their class in a particular subject.

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Mikoviny commemorative medal


The Mikoviny commemorative medal is an award of the Hungarian Mining and Metallurgical Society, and not for the astronomers. Listed here only because of Mikoviny himself.

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