St. Andrew University

St Andrew University in Scotland issued reward medals for students who came top of their class in a particular subject.

A lot of medals exists in different subjects, astronomy is among them. On the obverse of the bronze medal the class and the name of the rewarded student is engraved into the legend around (so appears recessed). This medal was issued for class "SECOND SCIENCE ASTRONOMY", and astronomer "GRAHAM BERRIMAN" got this piece. Berriman worked as astronomer for a time, and had publication, according to this page. Have no more information on him at the moment. In the center the date of class is also engraved: "1974-75". Around it in laureate is the motto of the University of St Andrews: "AIEN APIΣTETEIN", meaning Ever to excel or ever to be the best. 

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On the reverse the seal of the University is placed. The university still gives out different awards, however it is not clear from their homepage, that this kind of medals are still exist.