Mikoviny commemorative medal

The Mikoviny commemorative medal is an award of the Hungarian Mining and Metallurgical Society, and not for the astronomers. Listed here only because of Mikoviny himself.

Sámuel Mikoviny was a renowned Hungarian mathematician, engineer, cartographer, and professor. He was a leading representative of science and technology in the 18th century Kingdom of Hungary and Habsburg Monarchy. As a polimath of his era he worked on a lot of different projects, including - but not limit to - mining, metallurgy and cartography. Mikoviny made a significant contribution to the making of a new map of the Kingdom of Hungary. He relied on his own measurements and used a scientific method, based on four basic principles: astronomical, geometrical, magnetic, and hydrographic. He used triangulation points for mapping, and measured the coordinates the most important point by astronomical measurement. Mikoviny used his own prime meridian for the Kingdom of Hungary, the meridianus Posoniensis, which passed through the northeast tower of Bratislava Castle. This is the reason what makes this medal listed on as astronomy related site.

On the obverse of this 50 mm diameter gilt metal medal Mikoviny is sitting in front of a table where he makes some measurement. Legend around is: "· MIKOVINY SÁMUEL EMLÉKÉNEK ·" "· 1700-1755 ·", i. e. remembering Sámuel Mikoviny, and his birth and death years.

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The reverse shows a man - possibly Mikoviny - standing with his back to us, and watching a rural scene. This may refer to his greatest achievement in mining technology. He was a leading expert on the construction of water reservoirs, mining machinery, foundries, and mills. His chief contribution is construction of a sophisticated system of reservoirs, known as tajchy, which drained water from the flooded mines in Schemnitz/Selmecbánya (now Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia) and provided energy for its local industry. Legend around the rim is: "KIVÁLÓ MUNKÁSSÁGÉRT AZ ORSZ· MAGY· BÁNYÁSZATI ÉS KOHÁSZATI EGYESÜLET", means: for the excellent contribution the Hungarian Mining and Metallurgical Society.