Eclipse 2006

The 2006 eclipse was observable from Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East.

We have no information on medals issued in Africa. The medal issued the Mediterranean also have no detailed information. Maybe a company organizing a boat tour issued this nickel medal with incorrect legend. On the obverse Greek houses are displayed, on the top the Sun at the moment of the totality with its crown is visible. The legend: "MEDITTERANEAN TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE CRUISE" is on the one hand erroneous, because the word Mediterranean has to be written with one t and two r, on the other hand, indicates that some sort of boat trip is involved. Below you can see the date of the event. The reverse shows the eclipse phases, a Sun-face centered, which is connected to the horses running on the bottom edge of this medal.



The other is a Turkish commemorative coin in 30 new Turkish lira worth. On the obverse of the gilt edged silver commemorative coin of the map of Turkey and the band of totality can be seen. The major cities falling to the totality band are marked on the map and their names displayed on the coin as well. Name of the event is in the legend in English and Turkish. On the reverse the gilt edge of the coin indicates the Sun's shining crown, while in the center the black artificial-resin coating mimics the darkness of the Moon's limb that causes the eclipse. Near to the edge the date of event is displayed.

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The path of totality through the Mediterranean Sea and Turkey during the total solar eclipse 29 March 2006