Eclipse 1963

The eclipse of 1963 crossed North America and cut to half Maine State.

The city Ellsworth, Maine lined at the central line.  Although I dont' have any knowledge of official coin issue, at least two jetons were issued during the preparation to the event.

One of these the so-called Wooden Nickel, a token made of wood and worth 5 cents. The disk of the sun was stamped to the obverse of this small wooden disk. In the center the eclipse is pictured which is more reminiscent of a lunar eclipse, but the legend clearly specifies the type of event and the exact time. On the reverse the advertisement, the value, and the dealine of its usage is displayed.



The second token is made of gold-plated metal. On the obverse over the town hall the geometric image of the eclipse is visible, here have been displayed more precisely, as the shadow of the smaller Moon is cast to the Earth.1963elolap 21963hatlap 2


The tokens indicate that 200th Anniversary of the foundation of Ellsworth was celebrated in 1963. The sight of the central eclipse should have certainly raised the festivities shine.


The path of totality that crossed North America at 20 July, 1963

total1963 close














Coordinates of Ellsworth with eclipse data.