In Armenia, on the southern slope of Aragats mountain Byurakan observatory takes pride in its 2.6-meter telescope.

The Byurakan observatory is owned by the Armenian Academy of Sciences. In the institution - that resides on 1,400 meter elevation - scientific work is still going on. The observatory is displayed on a medal whose issue date is unknown. On the obverse of the 62.5 mm diameter, 99 grams weight bronze medallion the image of the observatory, over it an eight-pointed star can be seen. Around it the 12 zodiac sign, outside the observatory's name in five different languages is displayed.

bjurakan elolap 3bjurakan hatlap 3

Explanation of the exact meaning of the figure on the reverse is not yet finished, but we cannot go wrong if suppose to discover the connection between Earth and the stars.

bjurakan elolap 3


The founder of the observatory - established in 1946 - was Victor Ambartsumian Soviet academician and theoretical astrophysicist. Ambartsumian and the observatory can be found on official money, on the banknote of the Armenian dram 100. One side is decorated with a portrait of the astronomer, with stylized image of some planets and galaxy in the background. That banknote is no longer in circulation, it was withdrawn in 2004.

bjurakan hatlap 3


On the other side the observatory's building, in the background its main instrument, the 2.6-meter diameter Cassegrain telescope is shown.