Poland issued a complete set of coins depicting the main bodies of the Solar System, from Sun to Neptune.

The coin set issued by Poland contains nine pieces. The first one shows the radiating Sun in the center and the planets and their orbits are displayed. The Sun is not photographed, but the coin is gilt. All the others have silver finish. The eight remaining pieces of the set depicts each of the planets: "MERCURIUS", "VENUS", "TERRA", "MARS", "JUPITER", "SATURNUS", "URANUS", "NEPTUNUS". Each planet is represented by a color telescopic picture, astrological sign, and name. The remaining part of the design of all coins can be grouped into to classes. One for the innermost rocky planets, and second for the outer gas giants. The set is made of 0.925 fine silver, 14.14 gram each piece, their diameter are 32 mm.

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The set is packed into a round box, with the Sun in the center and the planets around it.

All the nine coins of the set have the same design on the reverse. Atlas is holding the world on his shoulder. Above him is the solar system. Legend below is: "SYSTEMA SOLARE". At the bottom the material and fines are marked: "Ag 925".

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The coins have certificates. It is only mentioned on the certificate, that the whole set was issued by the occasion of the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

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