Urania Sternwarte is a public observatory in the Lindenhof quarter of Zürich, Switzerland.

Its origins base on a first observatory on the roof of the Restaurant Zunfthaus zur Meisen. In 1759, so called «Astronomische Kommission» succeeded from this location for the first time, to define Culminatio solis and thus calculated the exact global location of the city of Zurich. In later years, astronomical observations were done from the Grossmünster's southern "Karl's tower". In 1899, the Zürich merchant Abraham Weill Einstein initiated the oldest observatory in Switzerland, situated near Werdmühleplatz (Uraniastrasse). On June 15, 1907, the observatory was given to operational use. Its approximately 51 meter high tower, dominating western end of Zurich's historical Altstadt.

A 38 mm diameter (43 mm with the ear) and 20 gram weight bronze medal depicts the high tower building of the observatory with the dome on its top.

Zürich 1 reverseZürich 1 obverse

Reverse shows a legend: "DANIEL KÄGI MEMORIAL SVL". Currently its meaning and intent of this medal is unknown.