Sohland, Bruno-H.-Bürgel Observatory is located near the Czech German border.

The private observatory was established in the early sixties by local star gazers. It was constantly expanded and now the 3 meter dome on the 335 meter high hill is a symbol of Sohland an der Spree. The observatory later got the name of the writer and science popularizer Bruno-H.-Bürgel (1875-1948). The observatory is operational nowadays and waits for the visitors. The city is also famous for its sundials.

A 32mm diameter, 13 gramm weight silvered metal medal was issued - possibly in 1996 - showing the observatory with its dome opened on its obverse. In front of the building observers with small portable telescopes are visible. Legend: "STERNWARTE SOHLAND".

Sohland 1 reverseSohland 1 obverse

The reverse shows another famous sight of the city the Bridge of Heaven - HIMMELSBRÜCKE. The date 1796 shows when the stone bridge was built. This token may be issued to its 2nd centenary.