The 200 inch telescope on the Palomar mountain was the world largest telescope from 1949 till 1992.

Palomar Observatory is a privately owned astronomical observatory located in San Diego County, California, United States, 145 kilometers (90 mi) southeast of Los Angeles, California, in the Palomar Mountain Range. It is owned and operated by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). On the obverse of the first medal the front view of the observatory's building with opened slit is pictured.  Legend above is its name: "PALOMAR MOUNTAIN OBSERVATORY". Legend below in four lines: "Elevation 5580 feet Revolving Dome Diameter 137 feet wight 1000 tons".

Palomar 2  reversePalomar 2 obverse

On the reverse more facts can be known from the 12 lines legend: "Telescope 264 inch tube 62 feet Long - Wight 150 tons Paraboloid 200 inch Pyrex-mirror weight 14 ¾ tons accuracy of surface 1/200000 inch Whole Mounting 500 tons Looks in space 1 Billion Light years One Light year = miles".

On October 8, 1888, the City of Escondido was incorporated and its voters elected a council, clerk, treasurer, and marshal. The 75th anniversary of this event was celebrated with an issue of an aluminum medal. The obverse of the medal depicts the seal of the city, that is divided into three segments, from which on the lower one the observatory is placed. Legend around is the name and incorporation date. The city is the closest one to the observatory.

Palomar 1  reversePalomar 1 obverse

The reverse remembers the 75th anniversary.

The third medal is a private issue by numismatists Harvey and Patsy Rose, thus the Roses. The revers shows roses and the issuers' name and postal address.

Palomar 3  reversePalomar 3 obverse

On the obverse the observatory in half left face view with open slits is visible. Legend above is: "SAN DIEGO COUNTY LANDMARKS". Legend below is: "THE 200 INCH TELESCOPE" and "PALOMAR MOUNTAIN" is readable.