There is only one medal that commemorates the Hamburg-Bergedorf observatory.

This medal was issued in honour of Luboš Kohoutek the Czech astronomer and his famous discovery, the comet named after him. On the obverse his half-left-facing portrait of  is visible. Perhaps this is the only medal, on which the Czech explorer astronomer's portrait can be found. On the left, astronomical telescope, on the right stylized image of a comet. Below the observatory's name "HAMBURG OBSERVATORY." The history of the Hamburg observatory began in 1802. In 1906, due to the increasing light pollution it was moved further out into Bergedorf where it operates today. Kohoutek worked in the observatory until his retirement in 2001. The reverse shows the Earth with the American continent turning towards us. From this fact and the English legend it can be concluded that the medal was issued in the United States. The comet is visible above the Earth. Legend around: "COMET KOHOUTEK 1973 - 74" and "COMET OF THE CENTURY" is displayed.

Kohoutek 1 reverseKohoutek 1 obverse