Green Bank, NRAO

The Green Bank Radio Telescope is the world's largest fully steerable radio telescope. It is part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).

West Virginia State was founded in 1861 and in 1863 became a Member State of the the Union, the United States. On the obverse of a token issued for 100th anniversary of this last event we find the Green Bank radio telescope. However, this is not the radio telescope which is operating today. The former radio telescope, erected in 1962 with a dish of diameter of 90 meters, suddenly collapsed in 1988 due to failure of the supporting structure. The new radio telescope was completed in 2000. On this token from 1963, issued for the centenary of West Virginia becoming a member state the first radio telescope is visible. Next to it two dates 1863 and 1963 refers to the centenary.

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On the reverse the Great Seal of West Virginia can be seen. In front of the boulder lie two crossed rifles and a liberty cap to state the state's importance of fighting for liberty. The center of the seal contains a boulder that has been inscribed June 20, 1863, the date West Virginia became a state. Next to it a farmer and a miner represents agriculture and industry. Legend around: "STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA", and "MONTANI SEMPER LIBERI" meaning "Mountaineers are Always Free" is shown.