Ukraine issued one of the most - if not the most -  beautiful commemorative coin to remember the International Year of Astronomy.

The obverse shows the official logo IYA2009 on its left. Legend below it is: "МІЖНАРОДНИЙ РІК АСТРОНОМІЇ", i. e. "International Year of Astronomy". On the right the portrait of Yuriy Drohobych is visible. He was an Ukrainian philosopher, astrologist, writer, medical doctor, rector of the University of Bologna, professor of Kraków Academy, first publisher of a Ukrainian printed text. Legend contains his name in Ukrainian form: "Юрій Дрогобич", along with his birth name: Kotermak. The years of his birth and death is also marked: 1450, 1494. On the bottom half astronomical instruments, books are depicted.


The reverse side of this IYA2009 coin are the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine on the top and the semicircular inscription НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine) plus a composition symbolizing the Cosmos.  On the same side one can find the image of Urania (to the left side), the goddess of astronomy, one of the nine Muses in the Greek mythology, and the cosmic space together with a piece of illustration showing the motion of solar system planets. Below that are the year 2009, the year of issuance, the logo of the National Bank of Ukraine Mint and the coin face value 5 ГРИВЕНЬ (5 hryvnias) on the conventionalized scroll.