The Austrian Mint in Vienna issued this coin in celebration of International Year of Astronomy 2009. The speciality of this coin is that this is made out of silver and niobium metals. This elegant coins is valued at 25 Euros.

The obverse is featured with the portrait of Galileo Galilei and his own, special double telescopes. In the same side you can find the drawings of Moon's surface by Galileo and some accounts on the development of telescope during the course of time. The outer ring contains the dates 1609 and 2009, while the inner ring has the legend: "Jahr der astronomie", these are referring to IYA 2009.



The reverse shows the other side of Lunar Surface, which Galileo was unable to observe, as its legend says: "rückseite des mondes". The outer legend states the issuer and the face value "republik österreich" and € 25.

The niobium pill covers the inner ring of the coin, as seen in golden yellow. It should also be mentioned that the Austrian Mint was the first to employ this modern metal (discovered in 1801) in commemorative coins, changing its color each year.

Technical specifications
Alloy: Ring: 9 g AG 900/1000
Pill: 6.5 g niobium
Finish: Special Uncirculated Quality
Diameter: 34 mm
Mintage: 65,000 (max)
Date of Issue: 11 March 2009
Face Value: 25 euro
Designer: Herbert Wähner