Malaysia issued three type of commemorative coins for celebrating the event, each depicting the Langkawi National Observatory.

Langkawi blisterThe Langkawi National Observatory has a 508 mm RC telescope for the night sky, and a 152 mm TMB-APO for observing the Sun. The observatory operates robotic telescopes, and telescope time can be requested.

The Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) issued three types of commemorative coins in conjunction with the global celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009). The first type was made of gold with 999.9 purity and weighs 7.96 grams. Only 100 pieces were issued from gold. The second type was made of Sterling silver with 0.925 purity and weighs 21 grams, and 350 pieces were struck. The third one was made of nordic-gold (89% Cu, 5%Zn, 5%Al, 1%Sn), weights 8.8 gram and 10000 pieces were issued. Beside these quantities, sets were also issued according to the bank's information, so finally 250 gold and 700 silver pieces should exist. The three types also differed in size: the gold has 22mm, the silver 35.7 and nordic-gold 30mm diameter. In spite of these differences they share the same coin design.

The obverse depicts the Langkawi National Observatory with its main telescope in the center. The background displays the constellation Orion and the planet Saturn. The words "INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY 2009" appears in the legend around to signify the global celebration of astronomy.

Langkawi reverseLangkawi obverse

The reverse depicts the official logo of IYA2009 and its main theme "The Universe, Yours To Discover". The words "Bank Negara Malaysia" and the denomination of the coin is reflected on the upper and lower circumference of the coin respectively.