Eclipse 2009

The dragon is in action again. This time it devoured the Sun over China in 2009.

China celebrated the event by issuing a 70 mm medal. On the obverse the dragon is at work, striving to devour the Sun. In the background  the map of Earth overlaid by the eclipse phases is displayed and how the eclipse can be seen from different points of the Earth's surface. Below the inscription "July 22 Solar Eclipse, International Year of Astronomy 2009" not only commemorates the solar eclipse, but also that this was occurred in the IYA, 2009. On the reverse the year 2009 is displayed, with a in the bird first zero, a frog in the second, while in the stem of the overgrown number 9 the artist drew a group of eclipse viewing people. In the head of number 9 the solar corona can be seen. Between the two different phases of the eclipse were placed.







The path of totality through China during the total solar eclipse 22 July 2009