The last eclipse of the previous millennium 1999 (Hungarian)

The 1999 eclipse cut into half Hungary as well. Although it was not a public holiday, the country almost stopped living. The lake Balaton was in the totality path, most of the people observed event from there. Some medals were made too.

On the first the Sun's face is half-hidden by the moon-face. Both are the same size, but the surrounding rays of the Sun imply that although the Moon will cover the Sun, the solar corona will remain visible at the time of totality. On the reverse the name of the event in four languages Hungarian, Latin, German and English is displayed.

m1999hatlap 1

m1999elolap 1

On the obverse of the next coin the map of lake Balaton is displayed and major cities are marked. Centered on a vertical band the name of the phenomenon in English was taken. On the reverse the legend shows the Hungarian name of the event, below the Earth's surface, in the center the Moon that causing the eclipse, while on the top in the distance the Sun is visible.

m1999elolap 3m1999hatlap 3


On the obverse of the third medal the map of Hungary with the band of totality is pictured. On the top the date of the eclipse and legend "KÖZÉP-EURÓPAI IDŐ SZERINT" (in Central European Time) is visible. The latter refers to the eclipse start and end time that are displayed to second accuracy on the medal. Not only the exact time of entry and exit, but also the names of the cities are indicated, from where the eclipse is visible for the first time (SZENTHOTHÁRD) and finally (BATTONYA). Below the legend "TELJES NAPFOGYATKOZÁS MAGYARORSZÁGON ÉS A FÖLD FELSZÍNÉN LÁTHATÓ ÁRNYÉKSÁV" means total solar eclipse on Hungary and path of shadow on the surface of the Earth. At the bottom the medalist András Lapis's signature is visible. The reverse side shows the totality path over Europe and the Middle East.

m1999elolap 4m1999hatlap 4

The medal was made of different materials: bronze, silver-plated bronze, gilt bronze and 999 pure silver.

m1999elolap 2


These were sold in a set, which also included a small pin. On the Hungary-shape badge the Hungarian tricolor and the black ribbon band of totality is pictured indicating the part of the country falling into total darkness during the eclipse. On the black tape the date of eclipse is written.




Two more badges are known, probably both were made on the shore of lake Balaton.


m1999elolap 6

m1999elolap 5


The path of totality through Hungary during the total solar eclipse 11 August 1999