Eclipse 1991

The eclipse of 1991 crossed over Mexico and Hawaii. Both states issued commemorative medals.

The USA issued at least three and Mexico two medals. All medals are made of silver

The first medal was made in one ounce weight. On the obverse the Sun covered by the Moon is pictured in rough shape that hardly resembles the original. The legend: "THE GREAT SOLAR ECLIPSE OF JULY 11, 1991". The subtitle in this case, it is not an exaggeration, as the eclipse lasted almost seven minutes in the center, which is close to the longest theoretically possible value. (This maximum value, however, is reached over Mexico, on Hawaii it was only about four minutes long.) On the reverse the coat of arms of the United States, the weight and the silver fineness data along with the legend is palced: "WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES".

1991hatlap 1

1991elolap 1

The obverse of the second medal shows the totality phase above a Hawaiian landscape. On the reverse of the coin the eclipse data can be found while in the middle the map of Hawaii's largest island and tourist attractions are pictured.1991elolap 21991hatlap 2


The obverse of the other Hawaii coin shows indigenous people unexpectedly experiencing the solar eclipse, probably referring to an older eclipse. This reinforced by the old sailing ship anchored in the bay as well. The legends around: "POULI HOLO'OKO'A 'ANA A KA LA" is yet to be translated. On the reverse next to naming the event the different phases of the eclipse are visible. In the center of the medal the famous observatories of Manua Kea mountain are pictured. The inscription indicates that this medal was issued by the Bishop Museum.

1991elolap 31991hatlap 3

The fourth coin was issued in Mexico. The large silver shows the spectacle of the totality without any subtitles. On the reverse the coat of arms of Mexico, the central line over map of Mexico, and time of the event are visible.1991elolap 41991hatlap 4

On the obverse of the fifth coin a Mayan motif is found, as the feathered serpent god (Quetzalcoatl) devouring the sun. In legend the name and date of the event was placed in Spanish. On the reverse a fairly true picture of the moon's near side is displayed. The flames around the moon symbolize the Sun eclipsed.1991elolap 51991hatlap 5


The path of totality from Mexico to Hawaii on 11 July 1991