Eclipse over Prince Edward Island 1972

The eclipse of 1972 - similarly as in 1963 - crossed over North America, but its totality path run trough a bit north of that, over Price Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island joined to the Canadian Confederation in 1873. The reverse of this medal commemorates the 100th anniversary of this event.

On the observe the eclipse is pictured, on the top the Sun, in the middle the shadow casting Moon, below the central line of eclipse over the map of island is drawn. The date of eclipse is also in the middle of the medal, the day of eclipse is engraved into the sun-shined limb of the Moon. At the bottom of the obverse the legend LOMBARDO may refer either to the medalist or the company who produced it.







The path of totality that crossed North America at 10 July, 1972

total1972 close














Coordinates Price Edward Island with eclipse data.