France issued a 10 Euro face value silver coin to remember two great achievements of science.

The obverse shows the footprint of the first human step on the Moon. The legend on the right is: "40 ANS DES PREMIERS PAS SUR LA LUNE", i. e. 40 years of the first steps on the moon. The face value, the issuer (RF) and date 2009 is also readable.



The reverse shows a starry sky with the Saturn. The legend around is: "2009 ANNÉE MONDIALE DE L'ASTRONOMIE", i. e. International Year of Astronomy 2009. Below the astrological signs of the Sun, Moon, and the 8 planets - including Pluto, but omitting Earth - are depicted. Interesting, that for Pluto not the widely known ♇ sign but another one was used. Also interesting, that the shape of this coin is not flat, but domed.

Four forms of the same design was issued. Beside this silver 10 Euro coin, there exits 50 Euro silver, 50 Euro gold, and 200 Euro gold pieces.