Vatican city

Vatican City celebrated the event by issuing a 2 Euro bimetallic coin.

The upper right quadrant of the obverse is featured with the famous virtuoso Michelangelo painting on Sistine Chapel ceiling, the "angry" God. Along with his etched image, there are also important astronomical equipments occupy the remaining quadrants. On the upper left the famous telescope pair of Galilei is visible. On the lower right a reflecting telescope is pictured, representing the next era of astronomical equipments. Legend around is: "ANNO INTERNAZIONALE DELL' ASTRONOMIA" refers to IYA 2009. On the upper right the issuer's name: "CITTA' DEL VATICANO" is readable.



The reverse is featured with the map of Europe as usual on 2-Euro cois. The designer was Orietta Rossi, the engraver was Maria Carmela Colaneri, they signature can be seen on the reverse. This coins has a diameter 25.75 mm, and weight 8.50g. Mintage was 106,084 pcs.