San Marino

San Marino celebrated the IYA2009 by issuing two different commemorative coin, both with 5 euro face value.

The first 5 euro silver commemorative coin of San Marino shows Stonehenge left in its center. Along with other astronomical instrument, an astrolabe and a rocket like path represent the development of astronomy from ancient through middle ages to the today's high technology. Legend around is :"ANNO INTERNAZIONALE DELL' ASTRONOMIA 2009" refers to the event it was issued for.

Stonehenge 3 reverseStonehenge 3 obverse

The reverse shows allegoric planets with the same rocket like path. The legend identifies the issuer: "REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO".

The obverse of the second coin remembers Kepler's book Astronomia nova (New Astronomy) that was published in 1609. The legend contains Kepler's name (KEPLERO) along with the book he published "ASTRONOMIA NOVA". It is made with the sun at the center of a system with 8 planets, bringing out the idea of Kepler's key influence in developing the heliocentric model of the solar system. In addition the 12 signs of the Zodiac can be seen in the neighborhood of the same planetary system.

Kepler 1 reverseKepler 1 obverse

The reverse shows the well know portrait of Kepler with a compass on a globe. The legend identifies again the issuer: "REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO".