Jacobs, Fernand (1870-1926)

Fernand Jacobs was an amatuer astronomer and founder of the Belgian Astronomy Society.

This beautiful bronze plaquette - having 54-76 mm size, and weights 128 gram - shows the left facing portrait of Fernand Jacobs, his name and birth and death years. Jacobs was an amateur astronomer in Belgium. The medalist, whose name is visible at the upper right was André Pierre Schwab.

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The design of the revers shows that this medal is rather a Grand Prix medal of aviation. The legend below is in ten lines: "GRAND PRIX FERNAND JACOBS PRESIDENT FONDATEUR DE L'AERO CLUB ROYAL DE BELGIQUE DE LA SOCIETE BELGE A'ASTRONOMIE ET DE METEOROLOGIE VICE PRESIDENT FONDATEUR AERONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONALE AU PLUS EL LEXPLOIT SPORTIF DE L'ANNEE". From this we know that he was the founder and president of the royal Belgian Aero Club, and the Belgian Astronomical and Meteorological Society, and vice president and founder of the International Aerospace. The last two lines report the grand prix as the the most beautiful sport event of the year.