Coculescu, Nicolae (1866-1952)

Nicolae Coculescu was a Roman astronomer, the first director of the Astronomical Observatory of Bucharest.

The only known medal showing the portrait of the Romanian astronomer Nicolae Coculescu above the observatory building of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy was issued in 1999 for the occasion of the last solar eclipse of the passed millennium. The revers show the eclipse path over the map of Romania. The medal was designed by medalist Codrut Ciobanescu (marked as CC) the engraver of the Roman Mint. This medal is from a 5 pcs. set issued for the eclipse.

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The legend of the obverse is: "OBSERVATORUL INSTITUTULUI ASTRONOMIC AL ACADEMI BUCURESTI", i. e. Astronomical Observatory of Bucharest. The legend of the reverse: "ECLIPSA TOTALÁ DE SOARE", i. e. total solar eclipse.