Herschel, William (1738-1822), Caroline and John

Probably the most famous discovery of  William Herschel William Herschel was the Uranus. In addition he built the largest telescope of era and a discovered lot of deep sky objects also. He was a diligent observer, earned the title to be one of the biggest of all-time observing-astronomer..

Besides Uranus and its two moons Titania and Oberon he discovered two new moons of Saturn Mimas and Enceladus. These discoveries and the famous astronomer are commemorated by Wolfgang Günzel's 88 mm diameter  medal. On the obverse the portrait of Herschel appears to the left, in the legend around his name and dates of birth and death appears. Below the artist's signature is visible. On the reverse the Saturn's rings and two satellites are pictured. The legend around is: "HERSCHEL ENTDECKTE 1781 DEN PLANETEN URANUS UND 1789 DIE SATURNMONDE MIMAS UND ENCELAUS" means Herschel in 1871 discovered the planet Uranus and in 1789 Saturn's moons Mimas and Enceladus.

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Herschel was also an excellent instrument builder, his telescopes were much sought after. He built more than 400 telescopes, and built the largest telescope in his time as well. This telescope is shown on the following commemorative medal, in addition to the left-facing portrait of astronomer. The medal on the rear briefly summarizes his findings: "DISCOVERER OF PLANET URANUS AND OF HEAT RADIATION. HERSCHEL BUILT A FORTY-FOOT TELESCOPE, THEN THE LARGEST IN EXISTANCE, AND DISCOVERED MANY NEBULAE AND DOUBLE STARS.".

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Herschel got considerable help from his sister, Caroline Herschel to his observations. Caroline has not only helped her brother, but she also observed personally, mainly comets and discovered the periodic 35P/Herschel-Rigollet comet which bears her name. Her activities were officially recognized, she was the first woman in history to be paid for her contribution to science.

William had only son John Herschel, who was also an astronomer, and got merits in exploring the southern sky. He gave the names to the moons discovered by his father. The three illustrious members of the Herschel family can be found on a bronze commemorative medal. On the obverse the three portraits in front of the famous large telescope are visible. On the reverse the names, birth and death dates and the legend: "PIONEERS OF SIDERAL ASTRONOMY" is written.

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