Harding, Karl Ludwig (1765-1834)

Harding was a German astronomer, the discoverer of asteroid Juno.

Karl Ludwig Harding was born in Lauenburg in 1796 and he worked as an assistant of Johann Hieronymus Schroeter. His most famous discovery was the third asteroid, Juno. In spite of this can not find him on any medal, even he was not mentioned on commemorative medal issued for discovering the hundredth minor planet. If not his portrait, but at least his the silhouette can be found on the reverse of three Lilienthal necessity notes.

In the early 1920s, the then small town Lilienthal did not forget about famous astronomers. We can find Schröter's portrait and Bessel's and Harding's silhouette on three different denomination necessity notes issued after the first world war. On the top are Bessel's and Harding's name, and the legend below: "Johann Hieronymus Schroeter Ober Amtmann zu Lilienthal von 1782-1816" speaks about Schröter's magistrates and its duration. Below: "DIE LILIENTHALER ASTRONOMEN" i. e. The Lilienthal Astronomers.

Bessel 2 reverseBessel 2 obverse

On the reverse of the largest denomination - 75 pfennig - note there is a church and a boat. The inscription: "Die Sparkasse zu Lilienthal gibt diesen Notgeldschein herans zur Ehrung großen Astronomen SCHROETER welcher auf der Sternwarte zu Lilienthal seine bedeutenden astronomischen Entdeckungen machte.", i. e. the Lilienthal savings bank issued this note to honor the great astronomer Schröter whose Lilienthal observatory made possible great discoveries.

Bessel 3 reverseBessel 3 obverse

On the reverse of the second note a man is watching a shooting star.

Bessel 4 reverseBessel 4 obverse

On the reverse of the third cash astronomical instruments can be seen. On the reverse of the two smaller denomination, we find the same inscription around the rim as on the first one.